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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

Why isn't my DC Agent synchronizing group membership information to my Barracuda NG Firewall?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago

Solution #00005720



This solution applies to the Barracuda NG Firewall, firmware version 5.2.x.

  • the DC Agent does not synchronize group membership information to the NG Firewall
  • the NG Admin > Firewall > Users > Group field is empty
  • users that successfully authenticate on the NG Firewall have no membership information and do not match any specified group,
the DC Agent service may need to be reassigned. The problem can be solved by reassigning the Barracuda DC Agent Service from the Local System Account explicit to a User Account.

After this change is made, the next time a user logs in via the DC Agent, the NG Admin > Firewall > Groups field should contain the available Distinguished Name.

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