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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

How to configure Barracuda NG Firewall for in the cloud scanning on Barracuda Web Security Flex

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This solution applies to Barracuda NG Firewall firmware versions 5.2.2 and later



Barracuda NG Firewall units allow offloading of Web Filter and Malware protection to a cloud based filter service called Barracuda Web Security Flex for units F100 and higher. This solution describes how to get this configured.



In order to activate Flex on an NG Firewall please log on to the customer portal  first and select the ?Web Security Flex? icon. If your account was already provisioned for Barracuda Web Security Flex you will directly see the Flex Dashboard (and a web popup may tell you the service host). If not please enter the linking code that you have received with your purchase confirmation to activate Barracuda Web Security Flex for your account. If you don?t have a linking code either you may start a free 30 day trial.


After Flex was activated for your account please proceed as follows:

In the Flex section on please navigate to the SUPPORT  tab. Make note (write down) the Flex Service host (e.g. for future use.



Next please navigate to the CONFIGURATION tab and select Key Management. Select Add New Key. Type in a descriptive name (e.g. NGF Flex Key) and select Barracuda Web Security Gateway / Web Security Agent as the Type. Copy and save the series of characters next to the Key field (e.g. FECB06021008E0C9208675A8A503E2267911C440) for future use in the NG Admin application.


 Proceed with reviewing and if desired changing the Web Security Flex Rules in the RULES tab. For initial testing Barracuda Networks recommends to start using the default configuration. For details on how to modify the rules and filter settings please see the Barracuda Web Security Flex Administrators Guide in the SUPPORT tab.  Now switch to the Barracuda NG Admin application.


In the NG Admin Application select the Config Tab and then Full Config. In the tree structure on the left navigate to Virtual Servers -> S1-> Assigned Services -> HTTP -> HTTP Proxy Settings and double click on the HTTP Proxy Settings node. Select Basic on the left side and set Enable Flex to YES. Click on Flex Settings and select Authentication Key as the Authentication Type. Enter the Flex Service HOST and the Flex Key as obtained above.



Subsequently click on Send Changes and Activate. Now all of the traffic that flows through the Barracuda NG Firewall HTTP-Proxy will be forwarded to the Barracuda Web Security Flex cloud servers for malware protection and content filtering.


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