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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

Closing old admin sessions.

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Solution #00007219  

Barracuda NG Firewall

You can delete all Sessions when you remove the Session Files:
This Files will be newly created, you can delete this Files without Problems.

Remove Control ? Session:
rm -f /opt/phion/run/session_*
You with a right click, then ?Kill Selected?
In general, you will want to look into the following 3 locations for removing more or less dead sessions:
· Config (both box and CC) > State Info (button on top right) > Sessions:
this is for any and all configuration sessions.
· Box only: Control > Sessions:
shows all active sessions to all services on the box, not just the config. In most cases, these should not last very long unless the NG Admin is actually running and continuously refreshing.
If a session with a long idle time shows up here, you can either try to kill it or restart that corresponding service. That will terminate all sessions. If it still shows up, then it is likely that the session was not active anymore, but the session_* was not removed appropriately.
· CC only: Control > Sessions:
this will show you the same as above, but for all managed boxes. You can try to remove sessions here, but even if it says that the action was successful, it may not go away. In that case, the session files are still present on the managed box.
Removing the controlsessions.db will wipe this information on the CC, and the list will then update again based on what each box reports on the next status query, which can take a few minutes.

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