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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

Why doesn't my DHCP service work on my Barracuda firewall?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago

Solution #00006927 


All Barracuda firewalls


 If you have configured the scope of your DHCP service and activated it, and you still do not see any leases going out and/or machines are getting leases but traffic is blocked, there may be one or more configuration issues that you need to check.
First, check to see which port you are using to send out the DHCP leases. If you are using the management port for the gateway, you will need to add a secondary IP address to that interface in order to use the DHCP service. For example, lets say that you are using p1 as your management interface with an IP address of If you have set as the gateway in your DHCP scope, you will have issues since the management IP address cannot be used for services. Instead, add a secondary IP address to that management interface (ex: and use this address as the gateway in your DHCP scope.

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