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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

How to restore a PAR file from a different NG model and version?

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Barracuda NG Firewalls of different hardware revisions are manufactured with different network interface cards. Since a PAR file contains configuration details for the NIC drivers, you cannot simply restore a PAR file taken from a Barracuda NG Firewall of one hardware revision onto a box with a different hardware revision. The configuration must be editted before performing a network activation in order to avoid disabling ports and losing access to the box.

In order to restore a PAR file onto a NG Firewall of a different hardware revision:

1. Upload the PAR file onto the box.

a. Go to Config > Full Config.
a. Right click Box and select "Restore from PAR file...".
b. Select the PAR file you would like to restore and click "Open".

2. Edit the Hardware Model setting.

a.Go to Config > Full Config > Box > Box Properties > Identification.
b. Lock the configuration.
c. Under the "Product and Model", select the correct Hardware Model for the box.
d. Click "Send Changes" and then "Activate".

3. Edit the network interface configuration.

a. Go to Config > Full Config > Box > Network > Interfaces.

Note: A warning box will appear stating, "The appliance model differs from the hardware model. Please lock to adjust the appliance model."

b. Lock the configuration.
c. Make sure that the "Appliance Sub Model Type" reflects the correct number of ports and change it if necessary.
d. Click "Send Changes" and "Activate".
e. Verify that "available" is displayed for each interface under the "Availability" column in the "Physical Interfaces" text box.

4. Activate the network configuration.

a. Go to the Control > Box page.
b. In the left navigation pane, expand "Operating System" and click "Firmware Restart". Click "Yes" to confirm that you want to restart the subsystem.
c. Expand "Network" and click "Activate new network configuration".

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