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Barracuda Phone System

What's New in Barracuda Phone System

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What's New in Release 3.1.5

  • Feature: Added support for Patton 4332/JS 32 port FXS to SIP gateway. [BNPH-13337]
  • Feature: Added time counter to Conferences tab of Communication Command Center. [BNPH-4555]
  • Feature: Created CSV user export pages for use in exporting user information for use with Ring Central, 3CX and others. [BNPH-13357]
  • Enhancement: Added option to record calls in MP3 or WAV format. [BNPH-13250]
  • Enhancement: Added various PRI parameters for SIP to PRI gateways that show up in the External Hardware Ports section. [BNPH-11970]
  • Enhancement: Improved CSV user import behavior. [BNPH-13119]
  • Enhancement: More lines supported on Yealink T4X phones. [BNPH-13087]
  • Fix: Call recordings that are less than 24 hours old will not be removed during nightly cleanup. [BNPH-13413]
  • Fix: Corrected behavior when altering a static route in network settings. [BNPH-11755]
  • Fix: Expanded system backup error log output to include out of storage condition on target host. [BNPH-13217]
  • Fix: Fixed Polycom provisioning when using non-standard http port. [BNPH-13300]
  • Fix: Fixed Yealink W52P provisioning to allow it to provision behind a NAT. [BNPH-11010]
  • Fix: Fixed issue with CNAM caching not working properly. [BNPH-13331]
  • Fix: Fixed issues with backup restore md5sum check. [BNPH-13356]
  • Fix: Fixed manually performed backups. [BNPH-13358]
  • Fix: Fixed printable extension guide. [BNPH-13293]
  • Fix: Fixed real time updates to conference room participant list in Communication Command Center. [BNPH-13290]
  • Fix: Improved back end behavior of changes to codec preferences. [BNPH-12642]
  • Fix: Improved handling of emails generated by the phone system. [BNPH-13365]
  • Fix: Improved provisioning options for Patton gateway devices. [BNPH-13320]
  • Fix: Improved support for Microsoft web browsers. [BNPH-12845]
  • Fix: Improved web server performance. [BNPH-11962]
  • Fix: Various UI formatting cleanups. [BNPH-13192]
  • Fix: Yealink T46 phones will no longer default to Hebrew language when accessing the directory. [BNPH-10307]
  • Fix: Improved web server security. [BNPH-11977]

What's New in Release 3.x

The following new features have been added to Barracuda Phone System version 3.x:

For more information, log in to the Barracuda Phone System as an administrator and view the release notes available from the Configuration > Updates page.

What's New in Release 2.x

The following new features have been added to Barracuda Phone System version 2.x:




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