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Barracuda Phone System

Service Provider Considerations

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Network Connection

The Barracuda Phone System requires a connection to the outside world for receiving and routing calls. The connection may be via the Internet through accounts provided by Internet voice connection (VoIP) providers or through physical analog or digital lines from the telephone company. The Barracuda Phone System allows connection to each of these and provides bridged connections among them. Your phone system must be configured to support the phone service provider you choose, whether VoIP voice connection provider or traditional telephone company.

Telephone service providers assign external telephone numbers (Direct Inward Dial numbers, or DIDs) which the Barracuda Phone System routes to designated extensions or phones according to configuration. On outbound calls, a configured caller id can be associated with all calls routed through a telephone service provider.

VoIP Telephone Service Connection

VoIP providers use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to implement voice connections over the Internet. The Barracuda Phone System supports various SIP configurations, and if you choose to use a VOIP service, your provider establishes an account and provides the necessary information.to configure your Barracuda Phone System. Once configured, the Barracuda Phone System can route calls in and out through the VoIP connection.

Emergency Call Routing

Because VoIP connections, unlike traditional phone lines, are not associated with physical locations, correct emergency call (911) routing may require the use of sites. Sites can be used to distinguish calls from different locations, and route calls accordingly. The Barracuda Phone System allows for the configuration of sites identified by:

  • IP address or subnet,
  • Inbound provider or port,
  • Inbound authorization account.

Sites allow specific caller ID configuration for calls from the site, and specific routing of certain calls, for example, 911, to a configured provider, allowing emergency services calls from multiple locations to be properly routed and identified. Internet emergency service, for example, E911, requires the registration of each site to ensure that authorities in the locale of the caller are notified in the event of an emergency. To ensure proper emergency call routing over the Internet, always check with your VoIP provider.

To ensure emergency service properly identifies a remote network element location, you must consult your VoIP provider, or register with an Internet emergency service and follow their instructions. The Barracuda Phone System does not implement 911 dialing, but rather allows you to configure sites to assist your VoIP or Internet emergency service provider in implementing 911 dialing.

Analog Telephone Service Connection Setup

The Barracuda Phone System (model 270B) allows you to connect your phone system directly to traditional phone service through analog ports. Up to four analog phone lines can be attached through two RJ-14 ports. See Barracuda Phone System Front and Back Panel Diagrams. Incoming and outgoing calls are routed through these physical connections. For details like maximum concurrent call count and other features. For more information, refer to Barracuda Phone System Hardware Specifications.

Digital (PRI) Telephone Service Connection Setup

The Barracuda Phone System (models 370B, 470B, and 670B) allows you to connect your phone system directly to a traditional phone service through digital PRI ports. Up to four PRI connections can be made depending on your model. These physical connections provide for a large concurrent call volume to be supported. See Barracuda Phone System Front and Back Panel Diagrams. For information about maximum concurrent call count and other features, see Barracuda Phone System Hardware Specifications.




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