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Barracuda Phone System

Step 4 - Understanding Barracuda Phone System Features

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Before configuring the IP address and network settings, complete Step 3 - How to Configure Basic System Settings.

For a list of access codes, see Feature Access Codes.

The Barracuda Phone System includes the following features:

  • Unlimited number of extensions, telephones, and users.
  • Management of local users and creation of user groups.
  • Active Directory integration – Synchronizes to a back-end repository of users and extensions.
  • User Import via CSV – Imports users exported in CSV format from applications or databases.
  • Group calling – Associates users and telephones with each other to allow one ring/all ring functionality.
  • Follow-me – Forwards telephone number to configured extensions depending on date, day, or time of day in order to locate a user.
  • Networking to SIP/ VoIP Providers – Connect with any SIP-compliant telephone service provider.
  • Call Parking – Allows calls to be temporarily parked at available extension for later retrieval.
  • SIP telephones – Attaches to devices which use the SIP protocol to establish media streams for voice or video transmission.
  • Networking to analog phone lines (model 270B) – Provides connection with dial tone provided by telephone company.
  • Networking to digital phone lines (models 370B, 470B, 670B) – Provides connections with Primary Rate Interface ISDN, which can carry voice traffic for up to 30 simultaneous digital voice calls (PRI in North America is limited to 23 simultaneous calls per PRI circuit).
  • Customizable Outbound Call Routing Allows establishment of logical groups of phone lines (analog, digital, SIP) to enable customized call routing with transparency to the user.
  • Inbound call queues – Keeps track of incoming calls, allowing them to be held, then retrieved in the order received. Can be configured so on hold callers hear announcements and/or music.
  • Multi-party conferences – Connects multiple callers dialing into an extension so they can communicate with each other. Can require users to provide secure PIN for access.
  • Automated attendant – Provides menu-based call routing using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to play announcements and route calls according to caller responses. Also allows caller to be immediately transferred to dialed extension.
  • Advanced call routing – Routes inbound calls according to a simple list of actions to perform for each caller which may include playing announcements, transferring to extensions, or conditional routing based on date, time of day, or day of week.
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA) – Allows remote callers, who access the Barracuda Phone System by dialing a designated automated attendant and providing the required access code, to use any Barracuda Phone System feature available to an internal user.
  • Call monitoring and recording Allows you to monitor and record calls in real time, and stores call parameters: call start time, call end time, extension dialing and number dialed.
  • Call Detail Records (CDR) – Generates and displays a record of each incoming or outgoing call, which includes caller and destination details, call time, and duration of call.
  • Call bridging – Allows any telephone in network, whether connected through Internet or through traditional POTS line, to voice connect with any other phone in the network.
  • Automatic provisioning of telephone sets – Can automatically provision supported physical and software based endpoints.
  • Browser-based Communication Command Center – Provides real-time view of telephone system and allows call routing from web interface.
  • Outbound Call Restriction – Restricts outbound calling by user, group, or IP address range.
  • Syslog Output – Transmits messages to a user-supplied syslog server.
  • Multiple Site Configuration – Connects with one or more additional Barracuda Phone Systems or with legacy PBX equipment.