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Barracuda Phone System

Telephone and User Configuration

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FeatureLocation in Web Interface
Define system-wide telephone settings.Configuration > Phones
Synchronize groups via LDAP/Active Directory.Configuration > Directory Services/LDAP
Upload a CSV file for user import.Configuration > User Import
Create new users and assign extensions.Extensions > People
Create system groups.Extensions > Groups
Manage incoming calls in the order they are received. Queue behavior is customizable.Extensions > Inbound Call Queues
Specify automatic and manual parking extensions and automatic retrieval from call parking on the page.Extensions > Call Parking Blocks
Create and manage multi-user conferences.Extensions > Multi-User Conferences
Define menu-based dialogues that prompt callers to press a key for different system responses.Extensions > Automated Attendants
Define actions for incoming calls.

Extensions > Advanced Call Routers

View phones on the system that have not been assigned to a user. Change the primary extension on a phone.Extensions > Unassigned Phones
View and manage all extensions in the system.Extensions > All Extensions

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