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Barracuda Phone System

Setting Up Multi-User Conferences

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Multi-user conferences allow two or more callers to converse with each other. Multi-user conferences, also called conference rooms, are extensions which multiple parties can call to hear each other. Conference administrators can monitor and control conferences.

Adding Conferences

Navigate to EXTENSIONS > Multi-User Conferences and select Add New Conference. Give the conference a name, a music-on-hold (MOH) scheme, and an extension number. Once the conference has been created it appears in the list of call conferences.

If a Conference is assigned a Block Extension as the Primary Extension and a single Extension as a Secondary Extension, three callers each calling a different Block Extension will be placed in three separate Conferences. If the three callers all call the Secondary Extension, they will all be placed in the same conference.

Editing Conferences

Select a conference from the list of conferences to view its configuration. The following configuration options are available:

  • Rename – Rename the conference.
  • Change Primary Extension – Change the primary extension number.
  • Delete – Delete the conference from the system.
  • Access Code – Specify the access code that callers must enter prior to accessing the conference. Leave blank if you do not wish to have the conference protected by an access code.
  • Waiting Music – Choose the MOH scheme for this conference. The first person to enter the conference will hear music (or silence) until at least one other member joins.
  • Conference Member Groups – Select the groups that will be able to monitor conferences or have administrative control.
  • Prompt For Name – Prompt each caller to record their name before adding them to the conference. The name is announced to the conference before joining them to the conference.
  • Autogain Control (AGC) – Perform AGC on each conference member. AGC will automatically raise the gain for a member whose volume is too low. Conversely, it will lower the gain on a member whose volume is too high.
  • Two Member Minimum – Automatically end the conference when only a single member remains. This does not affect the first person who calls into conference; it only applies after two or more callers have joined.
  • Conference Extensions If needed you may add a secondary extension number or external number, i.e., a direct inward dial (DID) number, to this conference.

For information about conference call controls, refer to the Conference Call User Controls.

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