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Barracuda Phone System

Adding Users

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To add users to the Barracuda Phone System, you must have their names and email addresses. To use LDAP/Active Directory for user setup see How to Synchronize LDAP Users and Groups. To import users through CSV, see How to Import Users via CSV. Use the Extensions > People page to add new users, add a new user to a group, and assign extensions.

You can add phones and then assign those extensions to a user, or create users and then assign extensions to that user.

Create a New User

Use the following steps to add a new user to the Barracuda Phone System:

  1. Go to the Extensions > People page, and click Create New Person.
  2. In the Add a Person section, enter the user details, and create a voicemail login PIN number of at least four digits.
  3. To add the new user to a group, and click Add This Person to a Group
  4. Click the Down arrow, and begin typing in the field to find the desired group name.
  5. Click on the group name to add the user to the selected group.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add the user to additional groups.
  7. In the Extension/Phone section, specify the Extension Assignment:
    1. Select an Extension
      1. Next Free Extension – The system automatically assign the next lowest available extension to the the user.
      2. Single Extension – Enter a single extension that is within Valid Extension Ranges.
    2. Select an Unassigned Phone – Click to select from a list of unassigned extensions.
  8. Click Create at the top of the page when the user details are complete.

External/DID Numbers can be added after creating the user.


To add additional extensions to the user, see Editing User Details.


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