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Barracuda Phone System

Setting the Time Zone for Remote Phones

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If you have telephones in a different time zone from your Barracuda Phone System, you can use a site to specify the time zone for the IP addresses or IP subnets for those phones. In most cases an IP subnet is sufficient.

In the following example, assume that the Barracuda Phone System has an IP address of and is in the US Eastern time zone. A satellite office with LAN connectivity using IP subnet is in the US Central time zone. Phones at the satellite office can provision to the Barracuda Phone System, however their time displays as Eastern instead of Central. To rectify this situation, create a site.

Navigate to Configuration > Sites and select Add Site. Give the site a name, and choose Subnet/IP address from the list. Select Create Site. The new site appears in the list. Select Add a range for this site and enter the IP address and subnet. For this example, the IP address is and the subnet mask is Turn Off the option These IPs are automatically authorized. Select the US Central time zone from the list. Select Add IP Range.

The phones in the satellite office are now part of this site since you specified their subnet. Reboot the phones in the satellite office so they reconfigure to the time zone specified in the site configuration. Repeat this process for each subnet or IP address that is in a different time zone.



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