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Barracuda Phone System

Viewing Performance Statistics

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The web interface System Dashboard page provides an overview of the health and performance of your Barracuda Phone System, including:

  • Updates and Support
    • System – System model and serial number
    • Firmware – System firmware revision number
    • Energize Updates – Energize update status, expiration information
    • Instant Replacement – Instant replacement service status, expiration information
    • Premium Support – Premium support status, expiration information
  • Phone Status
    • Configured phones – Total number of telephones that have been provisioned to this system
    • Assigned to users – Number of provisioned phones that are assigned to users
    • Unassigned phones – Number of provisioned phones not currently assigned to a user
    • Phones on-line – Number of telephones that are on-line and connected to the system (includes phones that are idle and in use)
    • Available Extensions – Number of extension numbers available to be assigned to phones, users, etc. (Extension number ranges are configured in System Configuration > Extensions page)
  • Performance
    • Firmware Storage – Amount of storage space available for firmware
    • Voicemail Storage – Amount of storage space available for voicemail messages
    • CPU Load – Load percentage on CPU
    • CPU Temp – Temperature of the CPU
    • System Temp – Temperature inside the system's case
    • CPU Fan – Speed of CPU fan
    • System Fan – Speed of system fan
    • System Time System time zone
  • SIP Providers and Hardware Connections
    • Name – Provider's name as displayed in various UI pages
    • Provider Type – Type of provider, i.e., TDM (traditional telephone) or SIP
    • Status – Displays Active or Inactive to reflect the status of the service provider
  • Voicemail Chart
    • Read – Blue indicates the number and total length of voicemails that have been listed to.
    • Unread – Red indicates the number and total length of voicemails not yet listened to.

The web interface Dashboard > Active Calls provides a list of active and recent calls with relevant fields including caller name and number, destination name and number, and status.

The web interface Dashboard > System Utilization page provides graphs for the past 12 hours of the number of sessions (number of call legsa normal call has two call legs: the caller and the called party), as well as graphs of LAN and WAN Traffic over the past 12 hours, in Kb.


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