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Barracuda Phone System

Monitoring System Status

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Monitoring User and Agent Status

The Switchboard displays the status of users on the system. Various views can be opened up in separate browser windows. The following views are available:

  • People On Call – Lists all users on the system indicating which ones are on the phone by highlighting them in green. You can filter the list of users by group.
  • Queue Monitor – Displays each queue and how many callers are waiting. Displays yellow ("warning") or red ("critical") if calls are waiting too long or there are too many calls in the queue. See Inbound Call Queues for more information on setting queue wait-times and capacity warning threshold values.
  • Agent Monitor – Lists each agent on the system with a color coded status:
    • Blue – Available
    • Blue w/ red border – Ringing
    • Green – On call
    • Red – Missed call
    • Gray – Unavailable, but online
    • Yellow – Warning (time based warning)
    • Maroon/Dark Red – Warning (time based warning, after yellow).
    • Yellow w/ red border – On hold
  • Agent Manager – Lists agents on the system and allows the administrator to adjust agents’ statuses. The statuses can be updated to the following settings for each agent:
    • Available – Makes the agent available to take calls from the queue
    • Offline – Agent is no longer taking calls from the queue and is completely logged off
    • Lunch – Agent is still logged in but not taking calls
    • Meeting – Agent is still logged in but not taking calls
    • Training – Agent is still logged in but not taking calls
    • Break – Agent is still logged in but not taking calls
  • Queue Manager – Combines Queue Monitor and Agent Manager. The administrator can view the status of each queue and on the same screen can adjust the status of each agent.

Monitoring Events through Email

To receive email notification of Barracuda Phone System events, use Configuration > System > Event Notifications to configure the Normal warning level threshold, and interval after which Normal (batched) warnings should be sent out.You can also set the Immediate Warning Level for warnings you want sent out immediately. All warnings (batched and immediate) will be sent to the configured Email Address (or addresses).




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