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Barracuda Phone System

Viewing System Events

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You can view system event logs on the Configuration > Event Log page to investigate system operation or emailed event notifications. By default you see up to 100 records per page from the last 24 hour period. You can adjust these settings to your preference. Click Refresh to update the event logs.

The Event Log table includes the following details:

  • Field Descriptions
    • Date – Date and time of event
    • Priority – Priority level of event (err, emerg, info, warning, etc.)
    • User Name – User associated with event, if applicable
    • IP Address – IP address associated with event, if applicable
    • Message – Text of the message
  • Priority Descriptions
    • Info – General information; most events are info
    • Notice – Slightly higher priority than info
    • Warning – Important events that may need attention
    • Err – Error messages the administrator should definitely see
    • Emerg – High priority items that need immediate attention

Event Types

The Barracuda Phone System event log provides different event types, many of which are informational only and do not require attention. Others are higher priority items that the administrator must attend to immediately. Many events are related to the provider connection status. Table 1 lists event log states.

Table 1. Event States.

UpGateway is up and active
DownGateway is down and cannot send or receive calls
RegedGateway has properly registered to far end
TryingBarracuda Phone System is currently attempting to register to the far end
NoregGateway does not require registration
TimeoutAll attempts to connect to the far end have timed out

Table 2 lists examples of events you may see in the Event Log.

Table 2. Sample Events.

MessagePrioritySample Message Text
Gateway StatusEmergGateway XYZ is UP
 EmergGateway XYZ is DOWN
 InfoThe XYZ provider’s state was changed to Registrations successful
 InfoThe XYZ provider’s state was changed to No Registration Required
Phone CallsEmergXXXX called emergency services
 EmergDisk storing voicemail is over-capacity. Disabling recording
 WarningThe configured operator extension does not seem to be valid
 NoticesRouting Loop(1) detected while calling XXXX
Backup ErrorsErrError accessing backup host. Backup host either down, or user/password incorrect
 ErrCannot determine remote host information. No backup host defined
 ErrError accessing remote source. Either not available or user/password error
 ErrDaily internal database backup created with zero size. Leaving prior backups in place. Notify support
 ErrFailed to schedule backup. Internal error
BackupInfoBackup Started
 InfoBackup Completed
Barracuda Phone System ShutdownNoticeBarracuda Phone System is shutting down
Telephony Engine StatusWarningTelephone Engine Restarted
Firmware UpgradeNoticeFirmware was upgraded to version X.Y.Z
 InfoFirmware Download Started
 InfoFirmware Download Completed
 InfoFirmware Install Started
Firmware Upgrade ErrorEmergBackup for database upgrade failed. Abandoning upgrade. Notify support.
Disk SpaceNoticeDisk Space (Voicemail) x%
 WarningDisk Space (Voicemail) 80% - drive is starting to get full, if these messages persist, you should edit your backup and recording retention policies.
 EmergDisk Space (Voicemail) 91% - drive is almost full. You should change your backup and recording retention policies ASAP.
CPU TemperatureNoticeCPU Temp: 51 - The CPU temperature is higher than normal, check server ventilation and air conditioning.
 WarningCPU Temp: 76 - The CPU temperature is critically high. You may need to turn your Barracuda Phone System off to prevent hardware damage.
TelephoneInfoPhone with MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx was added to the Barracuda Phone System
 InfoPhone with MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx was removed from the Barracuda Phone System
 InfoPhone with MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx was assigned to <username>
ProviderInfoGateway XYZ was added
 InfoGateway XYZ was removed
UsersInfo<username> logged in
 Info<username>’s PIN was changed
 InfoNew user <username> was created with extension XXXX
 Info<username> at XXXX was deleted
Note: (1)A routing loop occurs when two or more destinations are call-forwarded in a way that causes the call to keep cycling without being answered. For example, if extension 2000 is forwarded to extension 2001, and extension 2001 is forwarded to extension 2000, then any call to either of those extensions is caught in a routing loop.

Search for Specific Events

Since the event log contains a wealth of information, you may need to filter or search through the log. There are three ways to isolate data:

  • Filter by day/week/month/date range - Use the Show Records From drop-down list.
  • Filter by searching the message text – To search for text within the Message field, enter a search term in the Filter box; the table updates with matching results as you type.
  • Sorting ascending or descending by column Click on a column heading to sort the event logs in ascending or descending order based on the selected column name.
Sample Scenario

A client reports that "something happened" yesterday. Specifically, he could not make phone calls for several minutes in the afternoon. After asking several questions you find out that he could not make outbound calls at about 2:45PM, but internal calls were fine. In this case you would be interested in events related to the outbound gateway used to send those external calls. You need to filter the date range by selecting yesterday’s date as the start and end dates to view every event from yesterday. Enter the gateway’s name in the search box to filter out all events not related to that specific gateway. Now you may see an event like this:

2011-09-26 15:32:44.633186+00 Info The FreePBX provider's state was changed to TIMEOUT

This is a clue that something happened with the connectivity to the provider named FreePBX. You may also see a later message like this:

2011-09-26 15:47:15.715098+00 info The FreePBX provider's state was changed to REGED

At this point you can infer that you had some sort of connectivity disruption between about 2:30PM and 2:50PM. The event log has yielded the clues you need to further diagnose the issue: was there a physical connectivity issue? Was the provider down for a time? Was there an Internet routing issue? While the event log cannot answer all of these questions, it can narrow the focus and make it easier to determine exactly where to look for the answers to the questions.


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