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Barracuda Phone System

Testing Network Connectivity

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Use the Configuration > Troubleshooting page to identify and resolve connectivity issues.

Support Tunnel Connection

You use the support tunnel when talking to a Barracuda Networks support technician. The support tunnel key displays in NATO call sign notation so it can more easily be conveyed over the phone. The connection is an SSH tunnel on TCP port 22 and it allows the support technician to access your system for troubleshooting.

Test Connectivity

Test the Barracuda Phone System connectivity from any networked computer by setting the browser address line to the Barracuda Phone System IP address, for example, enter:  

Connect to Barracuda Networks Support Servers with Network Connectivity

If network connectivity is verified, navigate to the CONFIGURATION > Troubleshooting page where you can establish a Support Tunnel to Barracuda Networks Technical Support Center to allow technical support engineers to assist you with any issues you are experiencing. Select Enabled in the Enable/Disable Tunnel section, and then click Start Support Tunnel to open a support tunnel, and Stop Support Tunnel to close it.

Connecting to Barracuda Networks without Network Connectivity

If the Barracuda Phone System is not accessible from the network, attach a monitor and keyboard directly to the appliance so that you can establish a Support Tunnel to Barracuda Networks Technical Support Center. This connection allows Barracuda Technical Support to troubleshoot the system and restore connectivity.



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