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Barracuda Phone System

Shutdown, Restart, and Reboot the System

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Occasionally it may be necessary to reboot your system. Before doing so, you should back up your system if you have not done so recently. The System Shutdown/Restart section on the Configuration > Troubleshooting page allows you to Shut Down or Restart the Barracuda Phone System. You can also Reboot all phones from this screen if necessary. These actions are typically performed at the instruction of Barracuda Networks Technical Support:

  • System Shutdown/RestartThere are three buttons for restarting the system:

    All three of these options cause interruptions to any calls that are in progress and prevent new calls from taking place until the system is back online.

    • System Shutdown – Physically powers off the system. It will not turn back on unless someone presses the actual power button on the unit. Use with caution.
    • System Restart – Reboots the system. (This is the equivalent of a warm boot of the system.)
    • Restart Telephony Engine – Restarts only the Barracuda Phone System telephony engine. This option is the least drastic of the three system reset options, but does cause an interruption in current phone calls. The unit is not rebooted, only the system software is restarted.
  • Rebooting Phones Select Reboot All Phones to reboot every Barracuda Phone System connected phone. This does not interrupt current calls. Phones in use will reboot after they return to an idle state.

You can also perform a hard reset of the Barracuda Phone System by pressing the RESET button on the front panel of the system. However, caution should be used when pressing the RESET button, as doing so while the Barracuda Phone System is doing a configuration update or other task can result in inadvertent corruption of the system.


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