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Barracuda Phone System

Barracuda Phone System Front and Back Panel Diagrams

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Barracuda Phone System Front Panel

CudaTel Front Panel.png
Figure 1. High Availability (HA)/Auxiliary (AUX) Input.


old cudatel front panel.png
Figure 2. WAN/LAN Input.

Only the power and HDD activity LEDs have a function relevant to the operation of the system. The other three LEDs (red, yellow, and green LEDs to the left of the HDD indicator) have not been programmed to be any specific kind of indicators and should be ignored. All diagnostic information is provided in the console and the web interface.

Barracuda Phone System Back Panel

Figure 3. Model 270B, LAN/WAN Input.



old cudatel 270 back ports.png
Figure 4. Model 270B, AUX Input.



Figure 5. Model 370B, LAN/WAN Input.



old cudatel 370 back ports.png
Figure 6. Model 370B, HA Input.

Figure 7. Model 470B, LAN/WAN Input.



old cudatel 470 back ports.png
Figure 8. Model 470B, HA Input.

Figure 9. Model 670B, LAN/WAN Input.



old cudatel 670 back ports.png
Figure 10. Model 670B, HA Input.







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