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Barracuda Phone System

Feature Access Codes

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The following table lists features and the associated access code:

0Call system operator.
*98Access voicemail.
**xxxxCall (or transfer) directly to xxxx's voicemail box.
**xxxx*1Connect to extension xxxx in intercom mode.
**2Record on demand. Use on live call; requires on-demand record permission.
**3Set/Update Client Matters Code for inbound or outbound calls during the call.
*8System call pickup. Answers first ringing call anywhere in system.
*8xxxxDirected call pickup. Answers call ringing at xxxx.
*9Voicemail monitor. Listen live as caller leaves voicemail, press *2 to "take back" the call. Firmware version 2.6.5 and higher.
*123Hotseat login/logout.
*321Permaseat provisioning. Requires admin permission.
*999Inbound Call Queue login. Requires that the user is in a queue and the phone is assigned to the user.
*732Sound Prompt Record. Requires that the user is a member of group that has administrator permissions set.
*663Change System Mode. Requires that the user is a member of group that has administrator or switch mode permissions set. Firmware version 3.1.002 and higher.



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