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Barracuda Phone System

Conference Call User Controls

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When a caller is connected to a conference, callers in a conference room can use key presses to adjust their audio levels including volume of audio heard, volume of audio sent, minimum energy level, mute and unmute. 

The minimum energy level is a volume threshold that must be met before the caller’s audio is sent to the conference. This setting is useful for those in a noisy environment. For example, a caller on a cell phone on a train may have background noise. By raising the energy level on the call, the conference will not get the background noise. Only when the speaker speaks into the headset will the audio energy level be enough to break the threshold and transmit to the conference.

The key-press caller controls are:

Key-Press Caller ControlEffect
*1, *2, *3Talk volume down, talk volume even, talk volume up.
*4, *5, *6Listen volume down, listen volume even, listen volume up.
*7, *8, *9Energy level down, energy level even, energy level up.
*0Toggle on/off mute self (can still hear conference)
**Toggle on/off deaf/mute self (can neither hear nor speak to conference)


Use the following guidelines when adjusting settings during a conference call:

Cannot hear participantsPress *6 to increase listen volume
Other participants too loudPress *4 to decrease listen volume
Other participants can’t hear youPress *3 to increase your speak volume
Other participants say you are too loudPress *1 to decrease your speak volume
In a noisy environmentPress *9 to increase the energy threshold
Mute yourself but still listen to conferencePress *0




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