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Barracuda Phone System

Voicemail Call User Controls

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This article explains basic voicemail controls.

Accessing Voicemail

  1. Press the Messages button or dial *98.
  2. When prompted, enter your access code, then press #.
  3. New messages are played automatically. If there are no new messages, then main menu options are presented.

Main Menu Options

The following options are available at the voicemail main menu:

1 – Listen to new messages
2 Listen to saved messages
5 – Advanced options
# Exit voicemail

Options While Listening to a Message

The following options are available while actively listening to a message:

0 Repeat Message
1 – Skip to previous message 
3 – Skip to next message (Skipping a new message will leave the message as new.)
4 – Rewind
6 – Fast forward
7 – Delete
8 – Forward message to another user
* – Skip date/time at beginning of message

Forwarding a Message to Another User
  1. Press 8 while listening to the message you want to forward.
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • To record an introduction, press 1.
    • To send the message without an introduction, press 8.
  3. Enter the extension number to which to transfer the message, and press #.

Options Available After a Message Has Been Played

The following options are available immediately after listening to a message:

1 – Listen to message again, from the beginning
2 – Save message
3 – Save message as new
5 – Return call immediately
7 – Delete message
8 – Forward message to another user

Advanced Options

The following options are available from the Advanced Options Menu and are described below the list.

1 – Record greeting
2 – Choose greeting
3 – Record name
6 – Change password
0 – Return to main menu

Advanced Option 1 – Record Greetings
  1. Press 1 to record a voicemail greeting. You may have up to 9 greetings.
  2. Choose a greeting number 1-9.
  3. Record your greeting at the tone and press # to end the recording.
  4. Press 1 to play back what you just recorded, press 2 to save it, or press 3 to re-record.
Advanced Option 2 – Choose the Active Greeting
  1. Press 2 to choose your active greeting.
  2. Select one of your previously recorded greetings using the keypad.
    If you have find-me/follow-me enabled on your extension, you may customize which greeting to play based on caller ID or time of day. For example, during business hours you could have greeting 1 and after hours greeting number 2. 
Advanced Option 3 – Record Your Name
  1. Press 3 to record your name.
  2. After recording, press 1 to play it back, 2 to save the name, or 3 to re-record.
    If you record a name, your recorded name plays for callers who look up your name in the Dial-by-Name Directory. Otherwise the Dial-by-Name Directory spells out your first and last names.
Advanced Option 6 – Change Password

Press 6 to change your password. 

 Advanced Option 0 – Return to the Main Menu

Press 0 to return to the Main Menu.

Leaving Voicemail Messages

  1. Dial ** followed by the extension number to leave a voice message for another user.
  2. Optionally, press # to skip the user outgoing greeting.
  3. While recording, press any key to stop recording.

After recording, the following options are available:

1 – Listen to recording
2 Save recording
3 Re-record
# Continue

To mark the message urgent, press * after saving the recording.


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