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Barracuda Phone System

Direct Inward System Access

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The Direct Inward System Access (DISA) feature allows a remote caller to do anything an internal user of the Barracuda Phone System can do. The system administrator provides a phone number to dial for access to the DISA feature.

To use DISA, follow these steps:

  1. Dial the DISA phone number your system administrator provided.
  2. Provide your extension number and PIN (the same PIN you use for voicemail access).
  3. An internal dial tone indicates successful access to the Barracuda Phone System. To access an internal extension, dial the extension as you would from your office telephone, followed by the # key.

Connecting to internal extensions may take a few seconds. At the end of your call, simply hang up, or you can use the DISA Reset Feature to make another call.

DISA Reset Feature

When you remotely access the Barracuda Phone System using the DISA feature, dial *1 at the end of a call to reset your DISA connection and return to the internal dial tone to make another call. This feature allows you to make multiple Barracuda Phone System internal calls without dialing into the Barracuda Phone System multiple times.






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