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Barracuda Phone System


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The Hotseat feature allows a provisioned Barracuda Phone System phone assigned to one user to temporarily reassign to another user extension. This allows a user to log in to another user’s phone in the office, and make it his extension. For example, in a call center where agents share a desk and phone, at the beginning of the shift User A logs in to a phone using the Hotseat feature, so the phone is now his assigned extension. At the end of the shift User A logs out of the phone and User B can then log in to the same phone making it his assigned extension. You can also use this feature with call queues. While logged in, all calls made and received by this phone are charged to the logged in user. This is also reflected in the Call Detail Records reports. The logged in user can also receive inbound queue calls.

Hotseating applies only to a user's primary extension number. In the above example, when User A logs in, the telephone is reprovisioned with only a single line key, and that key has User A's primary extension number. The Hotseat feature is not designed to duplicate any other phones assigned to User A. Instead, it is meant to be a convenient but temporary way to let a user make and receive calls from their primary extension number while physically located at another person's telephone. While the phone has been Hotseated with User A, it does not receive any calls for the original extension.

The Hotseat feature does not work with unassigned phones or on phones which not provisioned by the Barracuda Phone System. Hotseating does not work with generic SIP devices. See your Barracuda Phone System administrator if you have any questions.

Hotseat Login Steps

Use the following steps to log in and Hotseat a phone:

  1. At the phone to be used, dial *123.
  2. Enter your extension number followed by the # key.
  3. Enter your PIN followed by the # key.
  4. Press 1 to log in.
  5. The phone reboots and is now assigned to the provided extension.

After logging in to the phone you need to log into the Communication Command Center to set your status to Available, or a manager can set your status to Available for you.

Hotseat Logout Steps

Use the following steps to log out of the Hotseated phone:

  1. At the phone where you are logged in, dial *123.

  2. Enter your extension number followed by the # key.

  3. Enter your PIN followed by by the # key.

  4. Press 2 to log out.

  5. The phone reboots reverting to its regularly assigned extension.

    Some Yealink phones do not automatically reboot after logging in or out. If your phone does not reboot automatically after performing the hotseat log in or log out steps, simply reboot it manually.





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