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Barracuda Phone System

Group Voicemail Broadcasting

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Group voicemail broadcasting allows you to send a voicemail to every person in a group. Use the following steps to enable this feature:

  1. Create a group, or edit an existing group.
  2. From the group detail screen, in the Permissions table, click Add a Permission.
  3. In the Permission column, click Group Voicemail Broadcasting, and then click Add.
  4. Verify the group includes everyone you intend to receive the voicemail.

To send a Group Voicemail Broadcast:

  1. Dial **, followed by the group extension. For example, if the group extension is 3000, dial **3000.
  2. Follow the instructions to leave a voicemail (similar to leaving a regular voicemail).
  3. After the voicemail message records successfully, it is sent to the voicemail boxes of every user in the group, as well as to the voicemail box of the sender, whether or not the sender belongs to the group.



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