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Barracuda Phone System

Configuring Event Notifications

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The Barracuda Phone System sends event notifications via email. Configure system notifications on the Configuration > Mail page to control the amount and frequency of information sent to the specified email address. Normal warnings are batched and sent out at the configured interval you set. Immediate warnings are sent individually, when the warning occurs:

  • Warning LevelChoose the warning level at or above which you want warnings batched. Warnings are collected and then sent for the selected level (and above) based on the Send Warning Report Every setting:
    • None: Do not send warning messages
    • Emergency: System is unusable
    • Alert: Action must be taken immediately
    • Critical: Critical conditions
    • Error: An error has occurred
    • Warning: Warning conditions
    • Notice: Normal but significant condition
  • Send Warning Report EveryChoose the time interval when batched warnings should be sent out and set the Interval to that time. Warnings which meet or exceed the Immediate setting will be sent immediately. Warnings which meet or exceed the Normal setting, but do not meet the Immediate setting are batched and sent at the interval. Setting either warning level to None will disable that type of notification.
  • Immediate Warning LevelChoose the warning level at or above which you want an immediate notification sent. 
    For example, a typical setting would be 
    Notice level warnings sent every 10 or 15 minutes and Critical warnings sent immediately.
  • Send Warning Email ToSet the notification email address; separate multiple addresses with commas.

Click Save at the top of the page to save your settings.



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