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Barracuda Phone System

Editing User Details

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To add users to the Barracuda Phone System, you must have each name and email address. To use LDAP/Active Directory for user setup see How to Synchronize LDAP Users and Groups. To import users through CSV, see How to Import Users via CSV.

You can add phones and then assign added extensions to a user; or create users and then assign extensions to added users. See Extension Blocksfor more information on assigning extensions.

Use the Extensions > People page or the Extensions > All Extensions page to modify phone assignments and assign extensions. Click on a user name to edit the following details:

  • Rename – Change the user’s name; note that this affects caller ID and reports.
  • Change PIN – Modify the user’s 4-digit PIN code.
  • Show Person In Directory Searches – Lists phone in the dial-by-name directory. You can exclude phones that need not be in it (for example. the break room or copy room phone).
  • Change Primary Extension – Modify the user’s primary extension number.
  • Impersonate – A convenience feature allowing the system administrator to log out and log back in as another user to troubleshoot issues with the user portal and Communication Command Center. 
  • Delete – Delete the user from the system.
  • Contact Information – Add or modify phone numbers, address, email, IM contacts, etc.
  • Group Membership – Add or remove the user from various groups.
  • Voicemail Settings – Modify voicemail and email settings.
    • Disable Voicemail – For phones not needing voicemail (e.g., break room or copy room phone).
    • Send Voicemail to Email – Forwards incoming voicemail messages to the user email address. Specify whether to use MP3 or WAV files and whether or not to save the voicemails after they have been emailed. (For users who do not check voicemail, delete forwarded voicemails.)
    • Sound Prompt Language – Specify the language for system prompts played to the user. These include voicemail menus, record file dialogs, queue log in/log out, etc.
    • User Operator Destination – A caller transferred to a user voicemail box can dial zero to reach an operator. Specify a custom target extension to which zero dialers should be transferred. If left blank, the system operator extension is used.
  • Call Recording Policy – Modify the call recording policy for this user.

File sizes for recorded calls can be estimated with the following information:

1 second of mp3 audio = 4000 bytes of disk space (note this is not 4K or 4096, but 4000 even)

A 1 minute call requires nearly 240,000 bytes or 234KB

One hour of audio requires just over 14MB (14062KB or 14,400,000 bytes)


Another way of looking at it is this:

1GB of disk space (i.e. 1073741824 bytes) can hold approximately this much audio:

268435 seconds

4473 minutes

74.5 hours


  • Phones – Add, remove, or modify phones assigned to a user; see Configuring Advanced Call Routers for more information.
  • Secondary Numbers and Extensions – Add secondary extension numbers or external/DID numbers to this user.

Unless otherwise noted, when you make a change to any of these features it applies immediately.

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