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Barracuda Phone System

Customize Phone Buttons

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Some phones support customized buttons. Use the Lines and Utility Buttons table, available from the Extensions > People page, to modify line keys and utility buttons.

To access Lines and Utility Buttons,

  1. In the Extensions > People page, click on a user name.
  2. The Phones section lists all phones assigned to the selected user. Click on the desired entry in the Phones table to access the Phone Details page. The Lines and Utility Buttons table displays at the bottom of the page.

Each key has the following attributes shown in the user interface:

  • Key – This is the key number. The first button on the phone is always key number 1 and it is fixed. The remaining keys are numbered from 2 and up. Keys colored black are line keys. Blue keys are features and keys that are white have nothing yet assigned.
  • Status – Live status for line keys, either Idle, On Call, or Offline depending on the status of the target phone.
  • Label – The text displayed for this key.
  • Function and Extension – The function or extension number for this key. Possible values are:
    • Line – A line key representing a user’s extension. (Line key displays with black background.)
    • Repeat Line – A convenience feature that creates a line key with the same extension number as the previous key. (Line key displays with black background.)
    • BLF/Line Monitor – A Busy Lamp Field (BLF) which lights up when the target user’s phone is in use. (Line key displays with blue background.)
    • Speed Dial – A one-touch speed dial key for the target extension or phone number. (Line key displays with blue background.)
    • Transfer – A one-touch transfer key that transfers the current call to the target extension or phone number. (Line key displays with blue background.)
    • Nothing – Empty key. (Line key displays with white background.)
    • Do Not Disturb – A Do Not Disturb (DND) on/off key (Yealink phones only).
    • Line Aliases – You can specify other extension numbers that will ring to this key. (Applies only to line keys.)
    • Ring Tone – You can specify the ringtone for this key. (Applies only to line keys.)
    • Shared Line – Used to specify the Shared Line Appearance settings for this key. (Applies only to line keys.)
  • Utilities – Utility functions for this line key:
    • Echo Test - Click to launch a call to the phone. When the party answers, the system will echo back whatever they speak.
    • Registration Information - For Generic SIP Devices only. Displays the SIP credentials and server IP address information needed to configure a SIP device.

In most cases, changes to the phone will not take place until the phone reboots. The phone will receive the reboot signal from the Barracuda Phone System as soon as you leave the phone edit page or when you click Reboot Phone.

When editing phones, remember line keys must be contiguous, starting with line key 1, so you cannot assign a feature key on line 2 and then a line on key 3. The user interface automatically renumbers the keys for you and places all of the line keys at the top of the list. There is no restriction on feature keys – they may be assigned anywhere after the line keys, even if there are intervening empty keys.



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