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Barracuda Phone System

Adding Call Routers - Firmware 2.x

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This article refers to Barracuda Phone System firmware 2.x.

Add New Call Router

To add a call router,

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Automated Attendants, and click Add New Call Router
  2. Enter a call router name, and specify the Extension Type:
    1. Next Free Extension – Allow the system automatically selects the next available lowest extension number.
    2. Single Extension – Enter an extension within the Valid Extension Ranges.
    3. Understanding Extension Blocks – Assign an entire block of extension numbers.
    4. External Number – Select an available external direct inward dialing (DID) number from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Add. Once the call router has been created it appears in the list of automated attendants.

Edit a Call Router

In the Extensions > Automated Attendants page, select a call router from the list of automated attendants to view its configuration. The following configuration options are available:

  • Rename – Rename the call router
  • Change Primary Extension – Change the primary extension number
  • Delete – Delete the call router from the system
  • Add a Rule – Add a time-based rule. (See below)
  • Default Action – The call router will always default to this action if no other rule applies. In some call routing cases the default action is the only action that is desired. An example is a call router whose sole purpose is to listen for a fax tone and accept a fax transmission. All actions have several options which are listed below.
  • Secondary Extensions – If needed you may add a secondary extension number or external number (i.e., a DID number) to this conference.

All actions have several configuration options. They have a calling sequence and a fallback action that takes place if the calling sequence does not result in a connected phone call. The calling sequence is optional, and if left blank then the fallback action is performed immediately. For call sequence details, refer to Call Sequence.

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