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Barracuda Phone System

Click to Call API

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You can initiate a call through the Communication Command Center by sending an HTTP GET request to the Barracuda Phone System. Using this API, you can write simple plugins for third-party applications, such as web browsers and productivity tools, or write standalone applications that can initiate calls using the Barracuda Phone System.

Basic HTTP GET request formula:


In the above example,

  • = IP address of the Barracuda Phone System
  • = extension of the user making the call
  • = caller password or voicemail PIN number
  • = destination phone number

This API also works with HTTPS, which is highly recommended when sending requests over the public internet, because HTTP traffic is not encrypted. When using HTTPS, your application or plugin must be configured to accept self-signed SSL certificates.

Troubleshooting custom code which uses the Click to Call API is not supported.

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