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Barracuda Phone System

What ports should be open for the Barracuda Phone System?

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This solution applies to all Barracuda Phone Systems.



The table below lists the common port usage information for the Barracuda Phone System. It is necessary to assign the appropriate rules on your firewall to allow this traffic if you want to use the related services.


      Port                   Direction          Protocol         Description / Use


  • 20-21             In/Out               TCP               In/Out FTP Provisioning / Out - FTP backup
  • 22                    Out                  TCP               Technical Support

  • 25                    Out                  TCP               Email Notification and Alerts

  • 53                    Out                  UDP              DNS (Domain Name Server)

  • 80                    In/Out              TCP               Firmware and Energize updates

  • 443                  Out                  TCP               Firmware and Energize updates

  • 3478                 Out                 TCP/UDP        STUN

  • 587                  Out                  TCP               Alternate Outbound Email
  • 5060-5070     In/Out                TCP/UDP       SIP Inbound/Outbound

  • 16384-32768 In/Out                 UDP              RTP Media Ports

  • 123                 Out                   UDP              NTP (Network Time Protocol)

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