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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure my Barracuda Phone System to accept inbound calls?

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This solution applies to all Barracuda Phone System with firmware 1.1.029 and above.



In order to receive inbound calls, the Barracuda Phone System must be told where to send the calls. The process for setting this up is simple and will only take a few minutes.

For Analog Lines:

  1. Navigate to Providers and click on the analog port you want to route.
  2. Enter the desired extension into the field for Send incoming calls to extension and click Apply.

All inbound calls to this port will now route to the selected extension. Please repeat this step for all ports which accept inbound calls.

For Digital Lines and SIP Trunks:

  1. Navigate to Providers and click on the provider which will receive the inbound calls for the number. Note ? If you have primary and secondary Registrations for a SIP trunk, only enter the number in the Primary entry.
  2. Enter the number, as it will be delivered, in the External Numbers box of the window and click Add. You can also enter a block of numbers by separating them with a hyphen ( ie. 7345551212-7345551818).
  3. Navigate to the Extension which will receive the inbound calls and click the selection box under Add Number, select External Number, select the external number (or the range of numbers) in the second selection box which will appear, and then click Add Extension.

All inbound calls to this number will now route to this extension.

NOTE: Some carriers send a leading digit 1 on inbound calls. If you are not sure whether your carrier sends a leading "1" then try entering only the 10 digit phone number in step 2, then test with step 3. If inbound calls fail then go back to step 2 and try adding the phone number with the leading "1" ? e.g. 17345551212.

If you have trouble, or cannot decide what format the number is being delivered as, please contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support for assistance in resolving your issue.

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