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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure my Barracuda Phone System to make outbound calls?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago

Solution #00004848

All Barracuda Phone Systems, all firmware versions.


In order for your Barracuda Phone System to make outbound calls, you must tell it which line/trunk you want it to use. You can select different providers for different dialing rules (i.e. PRI for local and long distance, and SIP trunk 1 for international). You can also configure customer outbound dialing rules to match your needs.

Adding Outbound route to providers:
  • (Firmware version 3.0)
  1. Navigate to Providers > Call Routing and select the option to Add a Route
  2. Select the call type from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the desired Provider Gateway to use for the route from the Send Calls To drop-down.
  4. Click Add
  5. Add any restrictions desired by selecting the center area of the table (Restrict To) ? The options for restricting dialing are to limit by existing site originating the call, or to limit to members of a certain group or groups. Please remember that this is a list of groups which are Allowed to use the Route. Please add each groups or site by clicking Apply.
  6. If you wish to allow the system to have the ability to originate a call using a particular route, check the Allow System Use box.  Typical scenarios forwarded calls via Find Me Follow Me, and Advanced Call Router, or via an Automated Attendant).

Defining Custom Dialing Rules:
If the call type which you are trying to create a route for does not exist, you have the option of creating custom rules to match your desired call pattern. The directions for accomplishing this are listed below.
  • (Firmware version 3.0)
  1. Navigate to Providers > Call Routing and select the option to Manage Call Types.
  2. Click the link to Add Call type.
  3. Provide a recognizable name for the route in the field labelled Call Type Name.
  4. Provide a regular expression pattern to be matched for this type in the field labelled Match Condition. The Barracuda TechLibrary has a detailed reference for creating new patterns.
  5. Select the type of call from the drop-down list. It is important to select the best match.
  6. Select the applicable route type from the drop down.  (Note - if the route type is 'Emergency', a e-mail notification will be sent to the system administrator's e-mail address defined on the Configuration > Mail page.)
  7. Click the button labelled Create Call Type to save.

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