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Barracuda Phone System

How do I Configure the Mail/SMTP Settings on my Barracuda Phone System?

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Solution #00004885

All Barracuda Phone Systems, and earlier.


You must configure the Barracuda Phone System's SMTP settings In order to receive voice mail over email, fax over email, and email alerts.

There are two options for configuring the Barracuda Phone System to relay mail. They are addressed separately below.

Method 1 ? SMTP server (preferred configuration)

  1. Navigate to System Configuration > Network (System Configuration > Mail/SMTP Settings in 1.2x)

  2. Enter server's DNS resolvable name in the SMTP Hostname field.
    • Note - In firmware Versions 2.1 and later, the Barracuda Phone System will use the Host name configured in Configuration > Networking if this field is empty.
  3. Enter the desired sender address in the Sender Address field. (ie.

  4. Click the Apply SMTP Settings button. Your Barracuda Phone System will now act as an outbound only mail server.

Important Note - Many mail servers employ Reverse DNS lookup and SPF checks as part of their anti-spam measures. When sending mail directly using the Barracuda Phone System, it is recommended that you set up proper reverse, MX, and SPF (as necessary) records for the Phone System in order to ensure that these filters do not cause a false positive on the remote server.


Method 2 ? Relay 

Note - For Open/IP exempted relay systems, you can complete steps 1 and 2 on this list, then add or exempt the IP address of the Barracuda Phone System on your relay.

  1. Follow steps 1 through 3 from Method 1.

  2. Enter the IP address of your mail server or relay host in the SMTP Server Address/IP field.

  3. If your smart Host requires authentication, enter the  Username and Password in the appropriate fields. The mail server MUST accept clear text authentication for this to work properly.
  4. Click the Apply SMTP Settings button. Your Barracuda Phone System will now relay outbound mail through your mail server.


The Port field only needs to be set if you have changed your default SMTP port map on your mail server. Most people should not change this setting.

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