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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure and use Parking Extensions on the Barracuda Phone System?

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This solution applies to all Barracuda Phone Systems.



Parking Extensions on the Barracuda Phone System provide a range of extensions which can be used to put a call on hold in a central location. The call can then be picked up from another extension without the need for a direct transfer.

Considerations for parking extensions:
  • Parking extensions must be a block of five or more extensions.
  • The first extension is used for automatic parking on the first available extension and is not used to actually hold calls.
  • The inner extensions are used to hold calls.
  • The last extension in the block to connect with the first person waiting in the Parking Lot and is not used to actually hold calls.

It is important to remember that two of the extensions in the Parking Lot are for administrative use and cannot be used to hold calls.

Creating a new Parking Lot:

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Call Parking Blocks and click on the button to Create New Call Parking Block.
  2. Enter a recognizable name in the box Parking Block Name.
  3. Select a block of AT LEAST five extensions for the Parking Lot.

    • No other extension can use this block once it is assigned.

  4. Select Music on Hold class for the parking lot.
  5. Enter the Maximum park time, in minutes or seconds, or leave blank to disable the timer. (In 3.0, you must create the block first and then edit it)
  6. If a maximum hold time is being set, Enter the Extension to Transfer to after the maximum park time has been reached. (In 3.0, you must create the block first and then edit it)
  7. Click the button labeled ADD/CREATE to save your settings.

Using the Parking Extensions:

To send a call to the parking lot:
Transfer the call to the First parking extension. The system will notify you of the extension used to park the call.

To Retrieve a call from the parking lot:
Option 1: Dial the Last extension in the parking lot. You will be connected with the first parked call.
Option 2: Dial the specific extension which the system notified you was used to park the call to be connected with that caller.

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