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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure Users on my Barracuda Phone System?

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Applies to Barracuda Phone System, firmware version 2.x and above.



Users are required in order to deliver messages, and to perform any functions on the device such as send or receive faxes, view call detail records, listen to recordings, or answer calls delivered to call queues. In order for outbound calls to be placed from a phone, it must be assigned to a user. Adding and configuring users on the Barracuda Phone System is simple, and can be done in a few steps.

Creating a new User:

  1. Navigate to Extensions > People and click on the button to Add new Person.
  2. Fill in the fields labeled First Name and  Last Name. Note: both fields are required. 
  3. Select a 4-digit access pin for the user.
  4. You may choose a group for the user or elect to do that later.
  5. Select the option you would like for assigning an extension to the user from the drop-down box:
    • Select by choosing a phone ? the system will assign the extension already in use by the unassigned phone.
    • Select an extension for the person ? manually choose an unused extension for the person. You can still add a phone later.
  6. Click the button labeled Add to finish.

Configuring Settings for the new User:

There are several options that can be configured for the person. You can access the user's setting page by navigating to Extensions > People and clicking on the name of the User you want to configure. These are the options which can be configured:


This option will change the name of the User displayed in the UI.

Change Primary Extension:

This setting will change the primary extension of the User.


This option will remove the user. Note: This cannot be undone!


This option will automatically log you in as the user to view their personal settings. Note: For security reasons, this will log you out as Admin.

Contact Information:

Optional extended data for the user. This information will be available in the Call Control Client

  • Company
  • Address
  • Telephone Number (cell)
  • Instant Messenger Contact
  • Email address
You can add and remove the user from groups here.
  • Any calls placed to the group extension will ring the User's phone.
  • Any rights or default recording policies assigned to the group will be inherited by the User.
Voice Mail:
You can change the following settings for the users voice mail:
  • Enable/Disable voice mail
  • Change the voice mail access pin (this is also the login pin for the user interface)
  • Set voice mail to email options
    • enable or disable voice mail to email, and enter email address to use.
    • select the format of voice mails (WAV or MP3)
    • Select whether to save a copy on the server after emailing.
Call Recording Policy:
This option is disabled by default. If the User is a member of a group with recording policies set, it will inherit those policies. You can also, optionally, set a per-user recording policy.

Secondary Numbers and Extensions:
This option allows you to add secondary extensions to the user. The following options are available:
  • First Free extension ? This will be the first available (lowest number) extension on the system.
  • Single extension - This can be any available extension on the system.
  • New Block extension ? This can be any block of unused extensions. You can also block any other device from taking an extension from the block which you created for the user.
  • External Number ? This option allows you to assign an external number to dial directly to the user's extension. It will also, by default, assign the first external number assigned as the default outbound caller ID unless the Provider policy forces a single number.

Configuring Settings for the new User:

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