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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure Automated Attendants on my Barracuda Phone System?

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Applies to Barracuda Phone Systems, firmware version 2.0.020.x and above.



Automated Attendants play a sound file listing options and then wait for caller input to select which action to follow. They require some planning, but are simple to configure. The Barracuda Phone System will requires some prerequisites you can configure your Automated Attendant(s):

  • Any extensions which will be used by the actions must exist or be preselected.
  • Any sound files which the Automated Attendant will play need to exist.
  • Any secondary Automated Attendants (sub-menus) must exist or be preselected.

Creating a new Automated Attendant:

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Automated Attendants and click on the button to Add new... and then Automated Attendant.
  2. Enter a recognizable name in the box Automated Attendant Name.
  3. Select Extension(s) to use from the extension box:
    • First Free Extension or Single Extension (you must enter the extension desired) assign a single extension which is used to access the Automated Attendant. The extension, in this case, can be changed later.
    • New Block Extension (you must enter the block of extensions desired) or Existing Block Extension will assign a block of extensions which can be used to access the automated attendant. When using this option without the do not add extension box checked, you can manually assign individual extensions within this block to actions or users in the system and if they are deleted from the system the call will fail back to the automated attendant. In most cases you will not want to check the box Do Not Allow Adding Extensions Within This Block. When using this option, the extension cannot be changed later.
  4. Select the sound files which you would like to use for the automated attendants:
    • Greeting Sound is the sound played when a user first accesses the system. (i.e. Thank you for calling acme products. To access the first menu, press one...) This sound MUST be selected.
    • Short Greeting sound, if selected, is the sound played each time the automated attendant repeats. (i.e. To access the first menu, press one...) If no selection is made, the greeting sound will be repeated.
    • Invalid Sound, if selected, is the sound file played when a caller attempts an option which is not assigned, or an action which is not allowed. If no selection is made, the default invalid sound will be played.
    • Exit Sound, if selected, is the sound file played when someone is leaving the menu. If no selection is made, no exit sound will be played.
Note - These settings, except block extension selections, can be changed later.

Click on the Add button to save your settings.

Configuring Settings for the Automated Attendant:

There are several options that can be configured for the Automated Attendant. You can access the Automated Attendant's setting page bay navigating to Extensions > Automated Attendants and clicking on the name of the Attendant you want to configure. There are several options which can be configured:

Basic Options: (Found to the right of the Attendants name)

Rename ? This option will change the name of the Automated Attendant displayed in the UI.

Change Primary Extension ? This setting will change the primary extension of the Automated Attendant, and can only be used with single extensions.

Delete ? This option will remove the Automated attendant. This action cannot be undone.

When the Caller Presses "X":
This will assign the core functions of the Automate Attendant. The choices are:
  • Do nothing ? The caller will hear the ?Invalid Sound? if one is configured.
  • Go to top Menu ? This option will return the caller to the menu they originally started on.
  • Go Back One Menu ? This option will return the caller to the menu they heard prior to this one.
  • Hang Up ? Disconnect the call.
  • Transfer to an Extension or Number ? Transfer to another extension or phone number.
  • Go to Another Automated Attendant ? Continue to another Automated Attendant menu.
  • Dial-by-Name Directory ? Search for party's extension by dialing by first or last name.
  • Play a Sound File ? Play the selected sound file and then return to the menu.


This will Display all options set in a per-key view.

Sound Files:

This will allow you to change the selected sound files for this Automated Attendant.

Other Options:

This will allow you to change basic options for the Automated Attendant.

Allow Dial-to-Extension ? when checked, will allow callers to dial an extension number directly.

Repeat ? Allows you to set repeat delay, and number of repeats before failing, if there is no input or invalid input.

Secondary Extensions ? This allows you to add secondary extensions to this Automated Attendant.

  • First Free extension ? This will be the first available (lowest number) extension on the system.
  • Single extension ? This can be any available extension on the system.
  • New Block extension ? This can be any block of unused extensions.
  • External Number ? This option allows you to assign an external number to route directly to the Automated Attendant.

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