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Barracuda Phone System

What is Automatic Provisioning, and how do I configure it on my Barracuda Phone System?

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This solution applies to all Barracuda Phone Systems, and all supported phones.



Auto-Provisioning on the Barracuda Phone System will automatically provide the proper firmware version and configuration for supported phones to enable them register and use the Barracuda Phone System. Automatic Provisioning utilizes the DHCP inform request, the MDNS Discovery method, and the PNP-SIP Subscribe Multicast method. The Barracuda Phone System can also provision devices directed to the server using DHCP option 66 and, in some cases, DHCP Option 150 and 160.

Phones obtain provisioning files, including firmware and configuration files, by making an HTTP or TFTP request to the Barracuda Phone System. New phones will be assigned the first available free extension on the Barracuda Phone System as a temporary extension and will be listed under Extensions > Unassigned Phones.

There are some considerations for automatic provisioning:
  • Auto-provisioning will only work on the Barracuda Phone System's local subnet.
  • Your network switch must allow broadcast/multicast traffic (most switches allow this by default)
  • Auto-provisioning could conflict with another HTTP provisioning server, if running on the same subnet.
  • Networks which use Option 66 for another service may need to configure the phones to use another DHCP option. This is common in Citrix or PXE environments.

Enabling Automatic Provisioning:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Phones and click-drag the slider to to the right until it says Automatic Provisioning Enabled and turns Green.
  2. Wait two minutes to make sure all auto-provisioning services start.
  3. Reboot your phone to test.
Configuring Phones that are not on the local subnet:

Even though the phones are not on the local subnet, you can still simplify configuration by directing supported phones them to the Barracuda Phone System for configuration using DHCP Options.

For most phones, the proper format for Option 66 is the string http://<IP Address of Phone System>/provision/ (example-

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