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Barracuda Phone System

What is QoS and does my Barracuda Phone System support it?

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This solution applies to all Barracuda Phone Systems.



QoS is a method for prioritizing traffic on a packet-switched network by defining the type of traffic being delivered and the priority which it should have. QoS is actually handled by the switching network itself and would have to be configured there. The Barracuda Phone System does, however, define QoS values.

What values does the Barracuda Phone System Define?
The Barracuda Phone System sets to values for QoS traffic using Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Identifiers.
These two values are set by the Barracuda Phone System:
  • RTP Media Streaming Ports 16384:32767 are defined as DSCP 46 / 0x2e
  • SIP Signaling Ports 5060:5065 are defined as DSCP 24 / 0x18

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