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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure my Cisco SPA 8800 to download its provisioning files from the Barracuda Phone System?

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Solution #00005522



This solution applies to all Cisco SPA 8800 devices connecting to Barracuda Phone Systems.



The SPA 8800, unlike a SIP phone, actually acts as a gateway for the Phone System for the four analog lines which it supports. Due to this, it requires a few extra configuration steps in order to complete configuration of the device. In some cases, you may want to disable automatic provisioning, and manually configure your device to obtain its configuration from the Barracuda Phone System. This procedure should assist you in accomplishing this.

Accessing the UI:

If you do not know the IP address of the SPA8800 already, please obtain it from the device now. Connect an analog phone to port "Phone1" on the SPA, Dial **** and wait for the prompt. After the Configuration menu prompt, Dial 110# and note the IP address provided, and enter this IP address into a web browser to access the UI.

Initial SPA Configuration:

  1. From the SPA8800s UI, click on Admin Login, then on Advanced. These are both in the top right corner of the UI.
  2. If you have not already, it is Strongly recommended to configure a Static IP Address for the device's Ethernet adaptor. This can be done from the WAN Status Tab.
  3. Click the Voice button on the top left of the screen, then click the Provisioning button on the main menu bar.
  4. If not set, Enter http://<IP Address of the CUDATEL>/provision/cisco/$PN/$MA.xml in the box labeled Profile Rule: and click the button labeled Submit All Changes (example$PN/$MA.xml)

Initial Gateway Profile Configuration:

  1. On the Cudatel UI, Navigate to Providers and select the first Gateway labeled SPA 88000.
  2. Add the phone number being connected to port 1 as an external number. this will be used for CDR data and for delivering inbound calls to their destination.
  3. Click on codecs, and select the codec which you would like to use (most users select g711 uLaw).
  4. repeat the previous three steps for the remaining ports, then reboot the Cisco SPA8800.

Set inbound destinations for calls:

  1. Navigate to the Extension which will receive the inbound calls and click the selection box under Add Number.
  2. Select External Number, select the external number (or the range of numbers) in the second selection box which will appear, and then click Add Extension.

Configure Outbound Dialing Rules:

The Cudatel Communications Server considers each Line on the Cisco SPA8800 to be a separate provider In order to allow for inbound or outbound only lines. Because of this, outbound routes must be set up for each individual port. For more information on configuring Outbound Routes please refer to Solution# 00004848 How do I configure my Cudatel Communication Server to make outbound calls?

Assign the Phone Ports to Users:

If you intend to use the phone ports on the SPA8800, the phones should be assigned to a user. To do this, please follow the directions listed in Solution# 00005359 How do I configure Users on my Barracuda Phone System? for adding a phone. These SPA phone ports should already appear as unassigned phones.

Factory resetting the SPA8800:

The SPA8800 sometimes has trouble clearing its existing configuration in order to install a new one. It this happens, you may need to reset the device by following these steps:

  1. Connect an analog phone to phone port 1
  2. pick up the receiver and dial **** And wait for the "Configuration Menu" prompt
  3. Dial 73738# and wait for the prompt (73738 is "reset" on the keypad")
  4. Dial 1 to confirm, and hangup.
You may need to re-complete the steps listed in Initial SPA Configuration: after factory resetting the device.

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