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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure my Polycom Spectralink 8400 series phone to connect to my Barracuda Phone System?

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Solution #00005736


This solution applies to Spectralink 8400 Series Phones connecting to Barracuda Phone Systems.


Registering you Polycom Spectralink 8400 Series phone to the Barracuda Phone System can be done in a few steps. There are, however, a few considerations whenever adding a wireless phone to the device:
  • Type of wireless network - Network speed strongly affects performance. An 802.11b network will have significantly more network loss than an 802.11g network.
  • Number of wireless clients - Wireless networking is shared bandwidth. Performance will decrease as wireless clients are added.
  • External Signal Interference -  Wireless networks are strongly affected by signal interference, or even building structure (walls, floors, furniture)
  • Proximity - Wireless speed and quality decreases proportionally to the distance from the Access Point.
Once we have accounted for these considerations, we are readfy to begin configuring the phone.

Creating a generic SIP account for the phone:

The first step to configure you Spectralink phone is to create a generic SIP Device account for it. Each phone will have to have it's own unique account

Please review Solution #00005411 if you are unfamiliar with how to create a Generic SIP account.

Polycom Recommended Phone Deployment:

Polycom recommends using the Polycom Provisioning server for phone deployment on the network. This method is required in order to use many of the advanced features of the phone (example: push-to-talk, xml applications/browser, or barcode scanning). Please refer to the Polycom Spectralink deployment guide for instructions on deployment using this method.

Configuration Directly From the Phone:

These instructions are for a phone already connected to the Wireless network. Please refer to the Polycom Sprectralink deployment guide for instructions on configuring networking on your phone.
  1. Enter the IP address of the Spectralink phone in you browser window and log in to the UI.
    • you can find the IP address from the phone handset by pressing Menu > Status > Platform > Phone
    • The default login is User - Polycom --  Password - 456
  2. Click on Simple Setup in the Top Navigation Bar.
  3. Enter the following information in the specified fields:
    • Digitmap - enter the following line: x.T *x.T **x.T **x.*x.T
    • SIP Server Address - This will be the IP Address listed for the BPS in the generic SIP account.
    • SIP Server Port - Enter 5065
    • SIP Outbound Proxy (if needed) - This will be the IP Address listed for the BPS in the generic SIP account.
    • SIP Outbound Proxy Port (if needed) - Enter 5065
    • Display Name - The user name listed on the Primary Extension we are adding the phone to.
    • Address - The Auth Username for the Generic SIP device.
    • authentication User ID - The Auth Username for the Generic SIP device.
    • Authentication Password - The Password for the Generic SIP Device.
    • Label - Please enter the extension assigned to the phone.
  4. Click on the save button in the lower right corner. You may need to reboot the phone for the settings to take effect..

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