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Barracuda Phone System

How do I Provision my Audiocodes MP124 FXS server to my Barracuda Phone System?

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  • Date changed: one year ago

Solution #00005938


This solution applies to the Audiocodes MP124 FXS server, hardware revision D.


The Audiocodes MP124 does not have a setting for saving the provisioning server address. It uses, instead, a BOOTP request to find the provisioning server and location/file. The BOOTP Server should hold a reservation for the device by MAC address, and should be set to deliver the following settings to the MP-124.

Boot File path:
Boot File name: <MAC Address>.ini (example: 00112233445566.ini)
TFTP Server: IP Address of the Cudatel

Once these settings are delivered by the BOOTP Service, the audiocodes will provision to the Cudatel and will show an unassigned phone for all 24 ports. These ports can then be assigned to individual users.

Common Issues:

Port 24 not ringing - There were a series of MP-124s manufactured which had a non-working port 24. You will need to contact Audiocodes for resolution on this issue.

Changes to users do not take effect - Like most devices, the Audiocodes MP-124 will only provision on boot, or when requested via the devices Web UI. The Audiocodes, by design, will ignore a reboot requested from the Barracuda Phone System via the "Reboot phone now" option. This is to prevent an accidental case of rebooting to provision one port that drops calls on the other ports.

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