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Barracuda Phone System

Why am I receiving "System Test XXX Ping: Failed" alerts on my Barracuda Phone System?

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  • Date changed: one year ago

Solution #00005955



This solution applies to all Barracuda Phone Systems running firmware version 2.5.003 and later.



Firmware release 2.5.003 added add series of ping tests in order to proactively alert you to connectivity issues that will negatively affect your Barracuda Phone System's ability to handle calls.

The tests are run every 5 minutes, and include a short series of ICMP Echo Requests (also called pings) to the following destinations:

  • The configured Default Gateway
  • Both configured DNS Servers
  • The Hostname or IP Address listed in each of the configured SIP Provider
The ICMP protocol is an essential service as it is a critical part of determining PMTU. For this reason, and in order to enable tests of the listed destinations, ICMP request and reply should be enabled. If you are seeing consistent failures on any of these destinations, please check to confirm that you are not blocking the ICMP protocol, and contact the destination's administrator to confirm that they are allowing ICMP request and ICMP reply.

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