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Barracuda Phone System

What is the Event Log, and how do I configure the Barracuda Phone System to send email alerts on these events?

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Solution #00005972

All Barracuda Phone Systems running firmware versions 2.1.0 and later.


The Barracuda Phone System added the event log feature in versions 2.1 and later. This service can be configured to provide email alerts at various levels. These events are 

The Event Log classifies alerts into categories for easier searching, and for alerts:

  • Notice - Normal but significant condition
  • Warning - Non-critical condition requiring attention
  • Error - Non-critical alert for events which have affected performance
  • Critical - Events requiring action as soon as possible
  • Alert - Events requiring immediate action
  • Emergency - Events preventing the unit the unit from performing

Viewing the Event Log

You can view the Event Log via the Web UI by Navigating to Configuration > Event Log. The Event log can be filtered by the number of entries to show and by date, and is searchable.


Configuring Email Alerts

Note - SMTP settings must be configured prior to configuring email alerts. Please see Solution #00004885 for instructions on configuring this feature.

  1. Navigating to Configuration > System and scroll to the section labelled Event Notifications.

  2. Select Your warning Level for timed alerts from the Drop-down labelled Normal Warning Level.

  3. Select the frequency for timed alerts from the drop-down labelled Send warnings Every:
  4. Select your Immediate warning level from the Drop-down labelled Immediate Warning Level.

  5. Enter your preferred alert address in the field labelled Email Address:. (Multiple email addresses can be entered as comma separated addresses.)

Barracuda recommends initially setting the alert levels at critical and testing to determine your desired level. The Notice and Warning levels can generate a large amount of emails, depending on volume on the unit.

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