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Barracuda Phone System

What is the Port Order / Cable Pinout For Barracuda Phone System "B" Model Units?

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Barracuda Phone System "B" Variant models with Legacy Telephony adapters.  Note that the Barracuda Phone System was previously known as the Cudatel Communication Server and some images present in this article reflect the old name of the product.



The Barracuda Phone System "B" model variants each include a legacy connectivity interface adapter for Telephone Network Connections (PSTN). The adapter included depends on the model purchased. Th following descriptions reference the order of the ports for each card and the pinout used for each type of cable. Barracuda recommends using factory made and tested cables, and provides these pinouts for reference only.

Barracuda Phone System 170b Analog Ports -

The Barracuda Phone System 170b includes 2 analog FXS ports for connection to your telephony provider's service. These ports are labelled One and Two on the front of the device, and use a standard RJ11/12 Straight cable, commonly called a telephone cable:

Barracuda Phone System 270b Analog Ports -

The Barracuda Phone System 270b includes 2 dual-line analog FXO ports for connection to your telephony provider's service, and one analog FXS port for device connection. The FXS port is unused at this time and should remain empty. Line Ports One and Two are the Physical Port furthest to the right when looking at the unit from the back. Line Ports three and four are the second physical port from the right. These are both indicated by a red LED. The FXS device port is the single Physiocal port furthest left on the card and has a green LED to indicate that it is an FXS port. The FXS port may be used in the future, and will use the Stright cable pictured above. The FXO Ports use a Split RJ14 cable for connection as shown below. Please note that the connectors are not standard RJ11 connectors, but RJ11/6 (commonly called a 6P6C connector. RJ11/4 connectors will not fit securely, and may work loose over time causing intermittent connection issues.

Important Note - You should never connect an analog telephone line to the FXS port on the BPS, labelled with the green LED. this could cause permanent damage to the BPS.

Barracuda Phone System 370b - 670b Digital Ports -

The Barracuda Phone System 370b-670b units have one to four digital PRI ports on the back of the unit. The ports are numbered from the left of the card when looking at the rear of the unit. The cable used in this case will depend on the device or port being connected to. CSU/DSU connections usually require a straight cable, and Smart-Jack Connections usually require a PRI crossover cable.

Important Note - It is very important to remember that you should never connect the pri ports to a network switch as this could result in damage to the Card and/or the switch.

T1/PRI straight cable

T1/PRI crossover cable

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