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Barracuda Phone System

What Conference Control Features are available on the Barracuda Phone System?

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  • Date changed: 6 months ago
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This solution applies to all Barracuda Phone Systems.



Multi-User Conferences on the Barracuda Phone System provide some conference control features for local call and moderator conference control.

Controlling your call in a Multi-User Conference:

Control of the local side of a conference call is available to all members of a conference via the dialpad of the phone. These actions control only the local side of the call. The key-mapping for the conference controls is:

Conference control Keymap:
1 - Talk Volume Down
2 - Talk Volume Reset
3 - Talk Volume Up
4 - Listen Volume Down
5 - Listen Volume Reset
6 - Listen Volume Up
7 - Energy Down
8 - Energy Reset Reset
9 - Energy Up
0 - Mute
* - Deaf Mute
# - Hangup

Conference Participant View:
When a conference is created, groups can be added as member groups. Once added, any member of a member group can view their conference(s) to see who is participating. This is done via the user's Call Control Client. The Conference control panel is the third panel in the Call Control Client, and is labelled with a round table icon.

Multi-User Conference Moderator Controls:
When a conference is configured any member group can be given admin rights by clicking the Admin icon next to the group name. This will give any member of the group moderator privileges. these priveleges are access via the call control client > Conference panel and include the following rights:

  1. Close a conference (door Icon along top)
  2. Invite a BPS user (Green Phone Icon along top)
  3. Mute all / Unmute all (Talk bubble Icons along top)
  4. Mute/Unmute individual participant (Talk Bubble Left of the participant name)
  5. Kick individual participant ("x" icon to the right of participant name)
  6. Transfer individual participant (arrow icon to the right of participant name)
  7. Set audio levels for individual participant (LED-Bar icon to the right of participant name)
Important Note - It is important to remember that the participant will be alerted to actions taken on their call. There is no silent kick function.

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