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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure the Web Application Popup Feature on my Barracuda Phone System?

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This solution applies to all Barracuda Phone Systems running firmware version 2.6 and later.



Firmware version 2.6 adds the Web Application Popup URL feature, which will enable the Call Control client to perform a new window popup event on incoming calls from an Advanced Call Router or Queue. This feature allows the BPS to activate user-defined features from the client browser.

Configuration of the Web Popup URL is done from the desired Advanced Call router (ACR) or Queue, and can be any user-defined string. for example, the following string:

will open a new window with a Google search for the Callers Number a few seconds after the call is answered.

There are some considerations for WebPopup URL function:
  • The Web Popup URL feature will only work if the user has signed ion to their Call Control Client.
  • The Web Popup URL feature will only initiate AFTER the line is answered.
  • The client browser window MUST allow popups from the Barracuda Phone System.
  • The web Popup URL set will be inherited by child options (auto attendant, transfers, parking...) until/unless overridden by another Web Popup URL configuration.

Wildcard Options available in the Web Popup URL Feature:

The URL entered can be a simple URL that is opened when a call is received. There are, however, some wildcards supported for delivering call data to the web URL. The following wildcards are available for use:
  • __CID__ - this string will be replaced with the Caller ID Number from the call
  • __CIDNAME__ - this string will be replaced with the Caller ID Name from the call
  • __DESTNUM__ - this string will be replaced with the Destination Numer (usually the Extension of the Router or Queue)
  • __ORIGDESTNUM__ - this string will be replaced with the Original Destination Numer (usually the Extension originally dialed before any actions were taken)
Note- Please make note that double underscore before and after the variable is required, and that the entire string MUST be entered without spaces.

Enabling Web Popup on an Advanced Call Router:

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Automated Attendants and select the desired Call Router.
  2. Select the rule which should perform the Web Popup URL. This feature is set individually for each rule
  3. Click on Add Actions/ Set Options
  4. Slide the Enable switch to ON for the Web Popu Feature
  5. Enter the desired URL to be Popped for the call

Enabling Web Popup on a Queue:

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Inbound Call Queues and select the desired queue.
  2. Scroll down to the setting for Web Popup URL.
  3. Enter the desired URL to be Popped for the call

Troubleshooting the Web Popup URL Feature:
Support is unable to see how the URL is handled once sent to the Call Control Client, but you can troubleshoot the URL delivery using the following test:

Create the following script in the cgi-bon directory of a local web server:


use strict;

use CGI qw(:standard);

my $q = CGI->new;

print $q->header();

print $q->start_html('Test');

my @params = $q->param;

foreach ( sort @params ) {

print $q->p("$_: " . $q->param($_));


print $q->end_html;

Enter the following string in the Web Popup URL field:

Calling the Router or Queue should open the page and display the proper output for each line.

Link to this page: