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Barracuda Phone System

How Do I Configure Find Me Follow Me settings on the Barracuda Phone System?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 6 months ago

Solution #00006044



Applies to Barracuda Phone System, firmware version 2.x and above.



Find Me Follow Me can be user to create call routes to a secondary extension or outside line for an individual extension. This will enable users to forward calls to their internal extension , external number, or both to another internal extension or external number.


Creating a new FMFM:

  1. Log in as the extension is that is going to be forwarded. Admins can login as the user by using Extensions > People and Clicking "Impersonate" on the top row.
  2. Click on the ?Find Me? Icon at the top of the page, and select ?enable? to begin configuring the Find me Follow Me.
  3. There are 3 different types of FMFM that can be created.  Calling Sequence is selected by default.  By clicking ?Delete This Action? and then selecting ?Add Actions/Set Options? one of the other types can be chosen.
    • Call Phone Numbers ? Calling additional extensions, numbers, outside lines, etc.

There are two common scenarios using Calling Sequence:

      1. Have two (or more) lines rings simultaneously
        • In the ?Calling Sequence? text box, enter the value of the extension and hit ?Add?
        • Next, click on ?Add to This? and enter in a secondary extension, outside line, etc.  Repeat this step as many times as necessary until all numbers have been added.
        • Advanced Options: Timeout ? The amount of time in seconds each step in the routing sequence will consume before moving on to the next action.
      2. Have two (or more) lines ring in a sequence
        • In  the ?Calling Sequence? text box, enter the value of the first line (extension, outside line, etc) in the sequence and hit ?Add.?
        • Now add the second line in the ?Calling Sequence? text box and hit ?Add?.  Repeat this process for each number in the sequence
        • Advanced Options: Timeout ? The amount of time in seconds each step in the routing sequence will consume before moving on to the next action.
    • Try Calling My Phones ? All phones associated with a given extension will ring simultaneously.  No further configuration is necessary.
    • Keep Trying to Reach Me ? Places the caller on hold while the person?s phone is continuously attempted.

4.     If the call is not answered?

This action will be placed on a call that has reached all timeouts before being answered.

·         Call My Phones ? Rings all phones associated with the extension

·         Disconnect the call ? No more actions take place and the call is ended.

·         Transfer ? Transfer the call to another extension, or outside line.

·         Transfer to voicemail  - the call is transferred to a specified extension?s voicemail.

·         Wait for a fax ? Waits for the caller to send a fax.  Once a fax is received, it is sent to a specified e-mail address.


Time based rules:

Time based rules can be configured based on date, date-range, day of the week, or during specified times (e.g. business hours or non-business hours).  Rules are matched from top to bottom, and can be moved using the grey sliders.


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