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Barracuda Phone System

What Diagnostic Tests are Available for Troubleshooting on the Barracuda Phone System?

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Applies to Barracuda Phone System, firmware version 2.5 and later.



The Barracuda Phone System includes a list of available diagnostic tests to confirm the function of various network/configuration options on the Phone System and the network to which it is connected. These tests can assist in troubleshooting issues with connectivity or call quality on the device. The tests are found in two locations. An explanation of each test is listed below, organized by location:

Console Tests:

  1. Log into the console using the username admin and the default password admin
  2. Press the down arrow until troubleshooting is highlighted
  3. Press enter to select the Diagnostic options.
You will see a field labeled Host/IP where you can enter the address you wish to test to. Enter a value, and select from the test below with the arrow key.


Ping is the ICMP echo test.

ARP Ping:

ARP ping, used to test Layer 2 connectivity to a device on the same subnet.


Traceroute is used to determine/test the actual route used for packet traffic to and address.

Show ARP Table:

The will list the contents fo the ARP table in currently in memory.

Packet Dump:

Reserved for when requested by support, this trace is designed to confirm traffic passing the switch.

UI Diagnostic Tests:
These are the Diagnostic Tests that are run periodically, reporting errors and success to the Event Log. They can be run selectively, or all at once, from the Diagnostics page..

  1. Navigate, and log in to, the WebUI and login using the admin account
  2. Navigate to configuration > Diagnostics
  3. Select the Tests which you want to run and click Run Select Tests Now.

Storage Space:

This test will confirm that available storage space is not below the reoommended minumum.

Database Intergrity:

This test will confirm Database Function.

Ping the Default Gateway:

This test will perform an ICMP echo test on the Default Gateway, either LAN or WAN, as checked.

DNS Resolution:

This test will perform an nslookup on a few specified hostnames in order to confirm proper DNS configuration and connectivity.

Provider Ping:

This will test ICMP Echo request to the IP/DNS/Naptr/SRV Address for each provider.

NTP Association
This test will confirm correct request and response behavior with your configured NTP settings and firewall configuration.

Inbound SIP Calls:
This test will create a testing SIP provider account and test inbound calling to check for firewall/NAT/ALG issues.

Outbound SIP Calls:

This test will create a testing SIP provider account and test outbound calling to check for firewall/NAT/ALG issues.

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