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Barracuda Phone System

How do I Configure Provisioned Phones on the Barracuda Phone System on Firmware and Earlier?

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Applies to Barracuda Phone System, firmware version 2.5.005 and earilier.



The most important component of the phone system is the phones. On the Barracuda Phone System, unassigned phones do not have rights to make calls, and can only receive inbound calls. In order for outbound calls to be placed from a phone, it must be assigned to a user. The process of doing this is straightforward, and can be done in a few steps.

Adding a Phone to a User:

  1. Navigate to Extensions > People and click on the person for whom you need to add a phone.
  2. Click on the icon labelled "add a phone".
    • Selecting an unassigned phone will, for supported phones, assign this phone to the user and provision it with the correct settings automatically.
    • Generic SIP Devices will create a phone account with credentials to manually configure a non-provisioning model phone.
    • Phone by MAC address, for supported phones, will reserve the phone for the user and provision it with the correct settings automatically when it connects the first time.

Configuring an Assigned Phone:
Left clicking on an existing device will allow you to perform the following options:
  • Edit Phone ? Will allow you to configure phone options or add extensions manually.
  • Remove Phone ? Will remove the phone from the user and, for provisioning phones, move it to the unassigned phones list.
  • Echo Test ? Will call the phone and echo back any audio that is sent to the Barracuda Phone System from the device.
  • Phone Information ? Will provide current status and configuration details of the device.

Editing Your Phone:
This option allows you to add extensions and options to the phone:
  1. Edit Line "X" ? This option allows you to edit an assigned extension on the phone.
    • Add a Number or Extension ? This option allows you to add an alias extension to the single line.
    • Multiple Keys per Line - (Polycom Only) This option allows you to specify the number of Lines the Extension will use.
    • Activate Shared Line Appearance - This option will allow the Line to send it's status to other phones sharing the extension.
    • Allow Call Barging on this Line - Allows other lines to pick up an in-use extension.
  2. Assign Line "X" ? This option allows you to add an extension to the phone.
    • Extension or Number ? This option allows you to add an unused extension or external number to the Line.
    • Share a Line - This option allows you to add an extension to the phone that is currently assigned to another line.

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