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Barracuda Phone System

How Do I configure my Snom M9 wireless system for use with my Barracuda Phone System?

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Solution #00006068


This solution applies to Snom M9 Wireless DECT VoIP Phone Systems connecting to Barracuda Phone Systems.


Registering your Snom M9 Series phone to the Barracuda Phone System can be done in a few steps. There are, however, a couple considerations whenever adding a DECT phone to the device:
  • External Signal Interference -  Wireless signals are strongly affected by signal interference, or even building structures (walls, floors, furniture)
  • Proximity - Wireless speed and quality decreases proportionally to the distance from the base.

Once we have accounted for these considerations we are ready to begin configuring the device.

Creating a generic SIP account for the phone:

The first step to configure you Spectralink phone is to create a generic SIP Device account for it. Each phone will have to have its own unique account

Please review Solution #00005411 if you are unfamiliar with how to create a Generic SIP account.

Snom M9 Configuration:

The Snom M9 will require some special configuration steps to pair the handset(s) with the base. Instructions for basic device setup can be found at the Snom Documentation Wiki. Barracuda recommends using the Quick Start Guide for basic configuration.

Configuration Directly From the Phone:

The information listed below should be used to configure the device as listed in the quick start guide section Configuration of a VoIP Account, Step 5. The settings used should be gathered from the section Creating a Generic SIP Account for the Phone, above. 

  1. Identity Active should be set to ON.
  2. Server Type should be set to No Specific Server Type.
  3. Display Name should be set to the name assigned to the extension.
  4. Account should be set to the value labelled Username.
  5. Registrar should be set to  the <IP address of the BPS>:5065. (Example
  6. Outbound Proxy should be left Blank.
  7. Authentication Name should be set to the value labelled Auth Username.
  8. Password and Password Repeat should be set to the provided Password.
  9. Mailbox should be set to the Extension of the device.
  10. Click on the save button. You can then move forward with assigning handsets to the ID using the Snom Quick Start Guide.

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